Post Covid‑19 Procedures


We have started the process of scheduling appointments for when we are able to re‑open, currently Saturday 4th July onwards. These appointments will be made prioritising appointment cancellations from 22nd March onwards due to Covid‑19. We will be contacting these clients first then contacting those on our waiting list. As we are a family run business and our staff are furloughed these appointments are being made by two members of staff only so please be patient if we do not get back to you ASAP.

Health & safety rules


Please be advised that due to the salon being closed for 17 weeks the services you may need will reflect the price you are charged.

  1. For example your usual service with us will more than likely be higher than the price you were previously charged due to the length of time since your last appointment with us. This means we will be using more products as well as booking out extra time to get your hair back into your desired style.
  2. Gents cuts may also need a re‑style appointment depending on timings for these appointments.
  3. This is a one time charge and following your next appointment you will be booked in for your usual service. We ask you to understand that this is a necessary to cover our costs.
  4. Due to social distancing measures we can not book in any children’s cuts under 8 years old OR any child who cannot enter the salon without a parent.
  5. Due to our limited availability in appointments, any appointments not cancelled within 24 hours will be charged 100% of the service as we have an extremely long list of clients who are waiting for appointments. If a skin test is required for your appointment you will also be charged a cancellation fee if you miss the skin test as the appointment can’t go ahead.

Our promise to you

The safety of our staff and clients is paramount this is why we promise you that:

  1. Our staff will wear masks/visors at all times as well as the desk being protected with a perspex screen.
  2. We will adhere to the government guidelines regarding social distancing where we can and mark the floor to give guidance.
  3. All protective wear, tools and workstations will be sanitised between each client.
  4. Clients will be asked to sanitise their hands on arrival.
  5. Staff will sanitise their hand before and after each client and use gloves where necessary.
  6. Drinks will not be served for the present time to reduce the risk of cross contamination.
  7. We will have a dedicated receptionist and door supervisor to ensure the social distancing experience is seamless.