Hair extension link (ring) systems can usually damage hair fibres, as the sharp corners of the ring, once crushed, shear away at the edges of the hair. Racoon Luxe Link is an innovation for hair extension ring systems as it uses a unique laminated ring composite, meaning there is no metal fatigue to the ring, so no sharp edges to shear off the hair edges. This ring system also only allows equal weight distribution between scalp hair and extension hair and this, along with the added benefit Racoon’s extensive education in hair and scalp care makes it, in my opinion, the safest ring system on the market. This is on the proviso of course the product is applied by a qualified Racoon stylist, that the wearer adheres to aftercare advice and has regular maintenance checks and is not suffering from any underlying medical conditions which could weaken the hair before or during application.

Iain Sallis, M.I.T.
Leading Trichologist

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